Oklahoma PrinciPALs

Posted by Rachel Meinke on 03/18/2018

Oklahoma PrinciPALs

March 2018

American school principals have a lot on their plate. Everyday they are given a huge helping of responsibility and lately, with ongoing security threats, an already important, stressful job has grown exponentially.

Today in The Living Room, we visit with three Oklahoma principals and learn about what they have to deal with each day. Our first guests are two strong, accomplished women. Aspasia Carlson leads John Marshall High School in Northwest Oklahoma City and has been selected as the Oklahoma School Principal of the Year and Talita De Negri is at the helm of Mount St. Mary’s Catholic High School in the Capitol Hill District of Oklahoma City. LISTEN NOW 

Our third guest is Lee Roland, who served as principal of Tulakes Elementary in Oklahoma City for 12 years. The “before” and “after” story of Tulakes Elementary is thanks in large part to Mr. Roland’s inspiring brand of leadership. LISTEN NOW 

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