Dynamic Oklahoma Women Leaders

Posted by Rachel Meinke on 01/22/2018

January 2018

It's been an ongoing wish to invite dynamic Oklahoma women leaders into The Living Room with Gerry Bonds and when it came to planning the first show of a new year, it was finally the right time for our wish to be granted.

Women's leadership and equality issues in our country have take center stage. Lately, much of it as a result of the "Me Too" Movement in response to an ongoing avalanche of sexual harassment and misconduct revelations. 

However, more and more women are rising above the obstacles in our society, especially in Oklahoma.  The Living Room with Gerry Bonds is honored to welcome Cathy O'Connor, President of the Alliance for Economic Development in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma State Senator Kay Floyd and the Reverend Lori Walke, Associate Pastor of Mayflower Congregational Church of Christ in Oklahoma City. LISTEN NOW

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