Art and Its Impact on Oklahoma

Posted by Rachel Meinke on 11/27/2017

November 2017

Thank you for joining us! A big welcome to our new listeners across south central Oklahoma!

ART. Each person sees and feels art differently - that's how art makes an impact on a person and on society.

Art not only has an impact on our quality of life, but our economy. Right now, across our country, and especially in Oklahoma, the Arts are in trouble.

In Oklahoma, massive budget cuts to the state Arts Council have threatened or eliminated all sorts of programs in our cities and towns. Amber Sharples, Oklahoma Arts Council Executive Director is a guest in The Living Room to discuss the council's budget woes. LISTEN NOW 

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones - living in a city or town with an active cultural district that's been developed with the helps of the state Arts Council. Dr. Bradley Jessop, the Director of the School of Fine Arts at East Central University in Ada and Christina Beatty serves as the state Arts Council's Community Arts Director are here to visit about how much a catalyst for change a cultural district can be. LISTEN NOW 

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