When SPRING Comes to Oklahoma

Posted by Rachel Meinke on 04/30/2017

When SPRING Comes to Oklahoma

April 2017

It's SPRINGTIME in Oklahoma! It's safe to say that Oklahomans have mixed feelings about springtime. On one hand, Oklahomans aren't overly fond of cold weather, so warmer spring weather means baseball, soccer, spending time in your garden and getting outside. On the other hand, springtime in Oklahoma brings out the dark side of Mother Nature...tornadoes and severe storms.

This month, our first guests in The Living Room are some of the best weather warriors in the business. KOCO-TV photojournalist and First Alert Storm Chaser Chris Lee and Veteran Meteorologist, Ross Dixon reunite with Gerry Bonds to discuss Oklahoma's severe weather.  LISTEN NOW 

One of the best things about spring is driving by a school athletic field and seeing students outside, playing and practicing their hearts out.  There are 44 fields across the Oklahoma City Public School District and if you checked them out about five years ago, most of them were in pretty bad shape - even unusable.  Half of those fields have now been rebuilt, thanks to an organization called Fields and Futures. It's been a labor of love for guests Tim McLaughlin, the founder of Fields and Futures and Keith Sinor, Oklahoma City's District Athletic Director. LISTEN NOW 

The Living Room with Gerry Bonds is brought to you by Adventure Road. From the Red River Border to the heart of Oklahoma City, the Great American Road Trip has been reborn. Information at adventureroad.com.