Posted by Rachel Meinke on 09/05/2016


August 2016

He was a man ahead of his time...a master. Leonardo Da Vinci was a master of invention, science, engineering, math, art, music, architecture and botany. Leonardo might have passed away in 1519, but the Science Museum Oklahoma (SMO)has brought him back to life this summer with the Da Vinci - The Genius exhibit. The Living Room welcomes SMO Director of Education Clint Stone and Linda Maisch, SMO's VP of Community Engagement to talk about the exhibit that USA Today named one of the 12 Must See Museum Exhibits in the U.S. this Summer. LISTEN NOW and visit here to read more about the exhibit.

Da Vinci was a master of many things. The Oklahoma City Community Foundation and the Myriad Gardens is tackling to drive the culture of wellness in central help Oklahomans become masters of their own well being. Sally Ray, Wellness Programs Officer for the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and Dr. Ann Fleener, Myriad Gardens Director of Education are guests in The Living Room to talk about wellness, which is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. LISTEN NOW

Support for The Living Room with Gerry Bonds is provided by the Artesian Gallery and Studios. Located in the heart of Sulphur, Oklahoma, the Artesian Gallery and Studios is a place to appreciate and celebrate fine art.  Information at