Policing Oklahoma City

Posted by Rachel Meinke on 02/28/2016

Policing Oklahoma City

February 2016 

2015 was a year of great challenge for police officers all across the country, with racial tensions, use of deadly force, and acts of domestic terrorism.

That's why we're focusing on the Oklahoma City Police Department in The Living Room this month - our state's largest (and oldest) law enforcement agency with close to 1200 sworn officers. How have they dealt with recent challenges and how are they moving forward in this new year? LISTEN NOW

Chief Bill Citty, our honored guest in The Living Room, has led the department for almost 13 years now, making him the longest serving chief in the department's history. He believes that the upcoming challenges are tough but good.

What are the challenges for women in the Oklahoma City Police Department? Sgt. Ashley Peters is also our guest to discuss the role of women in the department. LISTEN NOW

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