Volunteering in the New Year

Posted by Rachel Meinke on 02/01/2016

January 2016 

Happy New Year! It's that time to think about what each of us can do in the New Year to make it better than the last. How to be happier, more productive and maybe give back a little bit more...maybe volunteer. 

Did you know there's a strong connection between volunteering, health, happiness and longevity?  Oklahoma has over 18,000 non profit organizations to choose from!

Our first guest is Marnie Taylor, the President and CEO of The Oklahoma Center for Non Profits. Its mission is to train and support thousands of nonprofit employees so they can have maximum impact. Taylor knows many opportunities for volunteering in Oklahoma. LISTEN NOW

Our second guests represent a great variety of volunteering opportunities. Erin Engelke, with Sunbeam Family Services and Sue Hamm, a Foster Grandparent, are here to tell us about their program along with Reverend Debbie Ingraham with Skyline Urban Ministry, an  organization that helps feed, clothe and provide eye exams and glasses for the working poor. LISTEN NOW


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