Syrian Refugee Crisis

Posted by Rachel Meinke on 11/29/2015

Syrian Refugee Crisis

November 2015 

Thanksgiving is a good reality check for for all of us, maybe even more so this year. While we’re home enjoying turkey, pumpkin pie and football, a staggering number of people in our world, nearly 60 million as of 2014, have found themselves on the run, fleeing everything they know and love just to be safe.

You’d have to be pretty much unplugged from society and the media lately to have missed the ongoing refugee crisis in Syria. Four million Syrian refugees have escaped to the neighboring countries of Turkey, Jordan & Lebanon, at least 350,000 have streamed into Europe and thousands have died trying.  LISTEN NOW

So what’s the real story and what can we and the rest of the world do to fix what’s been called the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time? We welcomed two distinguished guests in The Living Room to sort this all out.

Dr. Don Betz is President of the University of Central Oklahoma, but he’s also an expert on International Studies and the Middle East, in addition to working for and with the United Nations for more than 20 years.   Dr. Imad Enchassi is the founder of the Islamic Society of greater Oklahoma City and chairman of Islamic Studies at Oklahoma City University. He is also a refugee himself, from Palestine. LISTEN NOW

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