Back to School!

Posted by Rachel Meinke on 10/04/2015

September 2015 

Welcome to our fifth season in The Living Room!

It’s a tradition for us to talk about education when September rolls around, and this month we’ll focus on our littlest learners.....those in the critical first 5 years of life. Study after study shows that when it comes to early childhood education, if you start behind you’ll probably stay behind. That goes for the rich or the poor, but the odds are really stacked against kids living in poverty.

A partnership between Sunbeam Family Services in Oklahoma City and the nationally known Educare system is really making a difference with some of those kids.

Two of our guests have seen the worst & the best in those classrooms. Paula Gates is director of early childhood services at Sunbeam and Aimee McCracken is a former Educare teacher, now teaching Pre-K at Cesar Chavez Elementary, right next door to the Educare facility. LISTEN NOW 

We also spend some time with two very bright college students, OU Senior Krishna Manohar, and UCO Sophomore Michael Thellman who were named Fleming Scholars this summer.

Remember Sir Alexander Fleming from your own school days? He was the British scientist who invented penicillin. Well, Fleming actually came to Oklahoma City in 1949 to dedicate what was the very first building of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. Seven years later, OMRF started the Fleming Scholar Summer Program as a way to give high school & college students hands-on bio-medical research experience. LISTEN NOW

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