The Arts in Peril

Posted by Janette on 02/01/2014

Happy New Year, everybody! 

Those of you who are regular listeners of this program know that we are advocates for—and supporters of—the arts, regardless of what form creative expression may take. In many areas and in many ways, the arts are thriving all around us…but in far too many other places, the arts are in peril. Even as we begin a new year, news of funding cuts for the arts continues as communities and policy-makers look for places to trim budgets. 

In our January program, we discuss some of the issues concerning the arts—including community support, revenue streams, public/private partnerships, and the often immeasurable benefits the arts have on all our lives every day.  LISTEN NOW

Michael Whittington, Gerry Bonds, Mary Ann Prior and Graham BealMichael Whittington, Mary Ann Prior, Graham Beal and Gerry Bonds







Graham Beal
Graham Beal
 is the Executive Director of the Detroit Institute of Art —often called the DIA—which was originally founded in 1885. The city of Detroit has infamously filed for bankruptcy and many wonder if that action will decimate DIA’s 60-thousand-piece art collection. 

Michael Whittington and Mary Ann Prior
Mary Ann Prior 
is Executive Director of Oklahoma Contemporary (formerly City Arts Center) in Oklahoma City, and Michael Whittington is President and CEO of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. 


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-Debra Martin, Producer-
More Photos of Program 305 - January 2014        

The Arts in Peril (January 2014 - Program 305)
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