Oklahoma Drought

Posted by Janette on 03/30/2013
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There is an old saying, “Water, water everywhere” … but these days it’s more like “water, water nowhere.”
A major portion of the western and southwestern United States continues to suffer through another year of drought. Even with the recent blizzard in northwestern Oklahoma, the lack of water in this part of the country is a cause for increasing alarm as we look ahead to summer. We need water for life itself - as well as for our businesses, our tourism, and our agriculture industry – and the dry weather patterns are clearly wreaking havoc on our water resources. 
Gary McManus, Marsha Slaughter and Gerry Bonds
Marsha Slaughter
is the Director of Utilities for the city of Oklahoma City. Her department provides water to over 580,000 people and manages the water output of five lakes in five counties in Oklahoma. Gary McManus is a climatologist with the Oklahoma Climatological Survey. More information can be found at www.okc.gov and www.climate.ok.gov.

Agriculture is BIG in Oklahoma – with a multi-billion dollar impact on the state economy. But crops can’t be grown without water and livestock can’t survive. Even with some recent rainfall, water levels are at historic lows in our lakes and rivers and streams - and people can’t help wondering if we’re headed for another Dust Bowl. What does this lack of water mean for agriculture - our state’s biggest economic generator? 
Rod Carver, Jim Reese and Gerry Bonds
Jim Reese
is the Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture and a farmer himself - owning his own farm since 1978. He is also a former state legislator. Rod Carver is a wheat and peanut farmer and cattle rancher from Elk City, Oklahoma. More information can be found at www.oda.state.ok.us.  
-Debra Martin, Producer-

Support for The Living Room with Gerry Bonds provided by Devon Energy, which understands that water is an essential part of our ecosystem.  Devon is applying conservation practices and improving water use efficiency right here in Oklahoma. Devon, Commitment Runs Deep.
Oklahoma Drought (March 2013 - Program 207)
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