Oklahoma and Oklahomans

Posted by Janette on 09/02/2013

It’s been more than two months since several powerful tornadoes put Oklahoma in the national spotlight. The scars on our landscape are still there – and it will take time to erase them – but the Oklahoma spirit remains strong. We mourn the neighbors we lost -- especially the children -- but we are a resilient group here in heartland, and that’s part of our discussion on this program. What does it mean to be an Oklahoman? How do we find the grit to get back up each time Mother Nature knocks us down? 

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Nicole Hill
Our first two guests have unique perspectives: Nicole Hill – who grew up in Broken Arrow – is an editor at the New York Times Editing Center in Florida. She says Oklahomans always find a way to bounce back from adversity. Follow this link to read Nicole’s article, To Be An Oklahoman.  
Roy Williams
Roy Williams
 is a native Texan, but as President of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, he has a front row seat to the real value of hardworking Oklahomans.  

“Oklahoma Today” is a spectacular magazine that showcases the wonder of our state and its greatest assets: our people and our landscape. There are some genuinely heart-stopping places in our state that you may not know about. So, before you get back into your routine this fall, we share some suggestions on how to reconnect to this land we belong to. 
Steffie Corcoran

Steffie Corcoran
 -- a native of Piedmont, Oklahoma -- has spent 20 years at the magazine and is now its editor. 

Nathan Gunter

Nathan Gunter
 – a sixth generation Oklahoman from Weatherford – is the managing editor.   Follow this link to the Oklahoma Today website.

-Debra Martin, Producer-


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Oklahoma and Oklahomans (August 2013 - Program 212)
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