Linda Cavanaugh, Kelly Dyer Fry and Oklahoma Women Journalists

Posted by Janette on 03/30/2014

March 2014

We celebrate the pioneer spirit of Oklahoma women journalists this month with three very special guests. There is a new exhibit at the Pioneer Woman Museum in Ponca City that honors 36 Oklahoma women in journalism, including Linda Cavanaugh, Kelly Dyer Fry, Lola Hall, Pam Henry, Pam Olson, Bella Shaw, Jennifer Reynolds, and Gerry. These women helped blaze a trail for other women in the challenging worlds of print and online media, and commercial television. LISTEN NOW

Museum director Robbin Davis tells us about the exhibit and why it's important to honor these pioneering women. 
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For more than four decades, Linda Cavanaugh has been a household name throughout Oklahoma. She was the first woman to co-anchor the news on Channel 4 back when it was WKY. Her talent and integrity have earned her more than a dozen EMMY awards. She has been at Channel 4 in Oklahoma City for so long—since 1977—that she’s become a legend. Linda is a longtime mentor and I credit my own media career to the years I spent working with her. I also had the good fortune to work with Lola Hall, Pam Olson and Bella Shaw - and Pam Henry is an absolute inspiration to all women journalists. 
Kelly Dyer Fry is the first woman editor of the Oklahoman and Kelly Dyer Fry
Vice President of News for the OPUBCO Communications Group. She led the team that launched, the most visited local news site in the state. We are proud that our program is recorded at the OPUBCO studio in Oklahoma City that Kelly helped bring into existence. She is a third generation Oklahoma journalist from El Reno and has what one of her colleagues describes as “a gentle strength.” 

These women journalists bring a unique perspective to news coverage and their work ethic is unquestioned. Even though the media has changed dramatically over the course of the careers of many of these women, those of us who came along after them owe each of them a debt of gratitude. I hope this program does a little bit of that. 
-Debra Martin, Producer- 


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Linda Cavanaugh, Kelly Dyer Fry and Oklahoma Women Journalists (March 2014 - Program 307)

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It was very thoughtful of you to write such kind,
generous words about the exhibit. It was such a privilege to be a part of it all. Pam Olson#
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