Homelessness and Hunger

Posted by Janette on 12/01/2013

For many Oklahomans, November means Thanksgiving—a time when we celebrate community abundance - but for far too many of our fellow citizens, this time of year brings only the encroachment of winter weather, another hungry day, and a fitful night spent in a shelter or under an overpass. Our state is not free from the dual tragedies of poverty and homelessness. But there are some shining lights of hope. The Homeless Alliance of Oklahoma City is participating in a national campaign to transition the homeless population into permanent housing. The idea is not to “manage” homelessness, but to end it. LISTEN NOW

Gerry Bonds, Whitley O’Connor and Dan StraughanGovernor Mary Fallin signed House Bill 1418 - also known as the Josephine Meade Anti-Hunger ActGerry Bonds, Jacklyn Brink-Rosen and Richard MorrissetteGerry Bonds, Jacklyn Brink-Rosen and Richard MorrissetteJosephine Meade

Our guests are Dan Straughan with the Homeless Alliance and Whitley O’Connor, a Vanderbilt University student who has helped launch the publication and sale of a “street newspaper” called the Curbside Chronicle - written, produced, and sold by Oklahoma City's homeless population.

Earlier this year, Governor Mary Fallin signed House Bill 1418 - also known as the Josephine Meade Anti-Hunger Act. The bill allows restaurants and feeding centers to donate un-served portions of cooked food to charities, allowing seniors and even students to take home leftover food that would otherwise be thrown out. 

Representative Richard Morrissette, Democrat from Oklahoma City, is the author of the bill and he had a very vocal advocate for this legislation in his own office: his assistant, Jacklyn Brink-Rosen, is the granddaughter of the law’s namesake, Josephine Meade.

We're thankful this Thanksgiving season for the abundance that we have, and thankful for those who - in their own way - work each day to help others. 

-DKMartin, Producer-

Support for the Living Room with Gerry Bonds is provided by the new Artesian Hotel and Spa in the heart of Chickasaw Country in Sulphur, Oklahoma. Information at artesianhotel.com.  More Photos of Program 303 - November 2013

Program 303: Homelessness and Hunger
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