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Posted by Janette on 11/03/2013

Many Oklahomans couldn’t quite believe it when they heard the news that legendary meteorologist, Gary England, was stepping down from his daily on-air duties at KWTV Channel 9 in Oklahoma City. For more than four decades, England warned Oklahomans of impending danger from tornadoes, ice storms, flooding and whatever else Mother Nature could throw at us. To call him a weather forecasting pioneer is an understatement.  
Gary England and Gerry Bonds
He was the first on-air meteorologist to use Doppler radar to forecast severe storms and he invented the first weather warning map we now commonly see superimposed over regular programming in the corner of our TV screens. He also helped create Storm Tracker—a computer program that shows viewers the time of arrival for severe weather--and I-News, which downloads severe weather alerts onto mobile devices. 

England is a noted expert on weather, appearing in numerous movies and documentaries about twisters; he has written two books about Oklahoma weather and has been the subject of numerous magazine and newspaper articles; he recently appeared on the Colbert Report and he is currently the Vice President for Corporate Relations and Weather Development for Griffin Communications—all pretty good for a kid from Seiling, Oklahoma. LISTEN NOW

Mary EnglandMary England, Gary England and Gerry Bonds
Mary England 
joins the conversation and she and Gary share personal stories about how they met, their early married life together, his days in radio, Gary's exceptional TV career at Channel 9 and his upcoming induction into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.
-DK Martin, Producer-

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Gary England (October 2013 - Program 302)
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