Be Good To Yourself

Posted by Janette on 03/01/2013

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The New Year has already brought its share of stress for many of us. Whether we’re at home or at work, there doesn’t seem to be enough time for ourselves or much of a chance to re-charge our batteries and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

On our February program, we talk about the importance of “being good to yourself.”

Ann Denney and Pat Hoerth are the daughters of former Oklahoma Governor and Mrs. Henry Bellmon.  They are the founders and proprietors of Turtle Rock Farm Retreat, a 1600 acre family farm near Billings, Oklahoma. The retreat is a center for sustainability and healing and it serves as a vivid reminder that humans are spiritual beings and that we need to replenish our spirits every now and then and re-connect with the earth in order to maintain a more balanced life.
Ann Denney, Pat Hoerth and Gerry BondsAnn Denney and Pat HoerthAnn Denney at Turtle Rock Farm Retreat Pat Hoerth at Turtle Rock Farm Retreat

These sisters are both very accomplished and very committed to providing a place of serenity for adults who crave a return to a simpler perspective on life. Pat also shares a wonderful poem from her blog that captures the beauty of an ordinary day. For more information about Turtle Rock Farm Retreat, visit

Ft. Gibson Lake in northeastern Oklahoma is a well-known weekend and vacation spot. 
Sam and Lisa Bracken have turned their family property near Wagoner into a rustically elegant resort they call “The Canebrake.”
Sam Bracken and Gerry BondsSam and Lisa Bracken and the CanebrakeThe CanebrakeThe Yoga Barn at The Canebrake

Sam and Lisa's goal is to cultivate a life-long relationship with health and wellness for all visitors. Sam has two gardens on-site and is renowned for his culinary creations. Lisa is a certified yoga instructor who presides over the resort’s unique yoga barn.  For more information about The Canebrake, visit

-Debra Martin, Producer-

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Program 206: Be Good To Yourself
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