100 Day Goals and 3 Pointers

Posted by Rachel Meinke on 03/01/2015

Think about this for a minute...have you ever set yourself a one hundred day goal? 100 days sounds like a long time, but it can go by quickly. When Rob Neu became the Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent last April, he set up a 100 day goal to help him understand the makeup and the challenges of this complex school district. It is, after all, Oklahoma’s largest with 46,000 students.

Mr. Neu is with us today to discuss that 100 day report...and I think you’ll be surprised and maybe even shocked by what we learn. LISTEN NOW

And later, Cheryl Miller led the USA to Olympic gold, was a trusted NBA commentator for ESPN and TNT, and is a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, not to mention her stellar coaching career at USC and the WNBA. But these days, you’ll find her hard at work with her Lady Lions on the Langston University Campus. LISTEN NOW